Education is regarded as a key instrument for the empowerment of women. Education can help individuals change their worldview, overcome income barriers, make better career choices, inspire personal growth, build confidence, and develop a sense of well-being..


SNET provides a variety of skill development programs. The true potentials of disenfranchised people are realized when they are provided sufficient training to manage the external environment, have easy access to finance, enabled to expand their skills and assets and then convert them into meaningful livelihoods. This can require continuous hand-holding support by an outside institution. An external dedicated, sensitive support structure is required to induce such personal development, livelihood promotion and social mobilization


At present, around 30 percent of SNETs neighbors are residing below the poverty line, i.e. these people are unable to meet their basic necessities.  In order to eradicate the poverty as well as to improve lives of underprivileged children, please consider sponsoring a childs' education.

Shri Nityanand Education Trust was founded in 2006 to provide basic educational, health, and agricultural support to impoverished communities in the Tansa River Valley.
SNET strives to provide inspiration and hope to these communities through programs that encourage individuals and groups to become self-sustaining.
Because the needs of these people are so great, relatively small efforts can bring about significant changes. Your support helps SNET in its mission to help those who face a life of hardship and economic oppression.


Your help is most appreciated!