Women's Empowerment: Padukas Workshop

35+ women have been trained in the arts of hand-sewing, quilt-making, patchwork and fabric dyeing.  Padukas now sells is handicrafts arorund the world and online.  From drudgery to creativity -- these women's lives have been transformed from a life of poverty into a life of purpose, hope, and dignity.  Visit Padukas website:  www.PadukaseBoutique.com


SNET recognizes that to break the cycle of poverty, adults must be educated & trained in modern technology that will allow them to be self sustaining. 

Computer Classes

To that end the Prof. A.D. Joshi Computer and Career Guidance Center offers beginning and intermediate computer classes. 

Hatha Yoga Progrm

In addition, SNET partners with Svaroopa Yoga Ashram and Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute to teach weekly hatha yoga classes in thirteen nearby tribal schools. In 2016, two SNET yoga teachers taught 1200 students each week.  In 2017, we had four teachers who expanded the weekly classes to reach over 2500 students.

Scholarship Program

Individual girls are awarded scholarships for higher education and assistance for transportation to and from schools.

Click to watch video on SNET's Scholarship program

Click to listen to Jeanetta's interview with Global Goals Cast about lack of education opportunites for girls in rural India

SNET Organic Farming

Vocational Training Center

Provide vocational education and training in skills that will empower students to be self-sustaining in villages and bring needed expertise to the villages.

Organic Farming

Identifying low cost solutions to small acreage farming, including home -made herbal extracts for pest control, seed processing, fertilizers, manufacture and repair of low tech water pumps, low cost irrigation systems

Watershed Development and Water Harvesting

Solar construction and repair

Guest services and Ayurveda therapies

Yoga teacher training scholarships


Shri Nityanand Education Trust

is a Bombay Registered NGO working in the tribal area of Wada Taluka, Palgher District, Maharashtra.  Over the past eleven years SNET has identified 31 village in which it concentrates its seva (selfless service):

Education:  Health education, nutritional education, water hygiene & purification education, tuitions for students who failed passing tenth and twelfth exams, and Marathi literacy. SNET fund raises and provides for financial scholarships for tribal girls.

Vocational training: in a wide variety of topics such as sewing & embroidery, computer classes, solar construction and repair, organic farming, guest services, and Ayurveda therapies. Yoga teacher training scholarships, Water shed development and water harvesting.

Employment: SNET maintains four facilities offering employment to 65+ tribal people - Fire Mountain Retreat Center, Padukas Women’s Handicrafts Workshops, Men’s Alternative Technology Workshop and Fire Mountain Ayurveda.


SNET benefits from a continuing relationship with professors and students of IIT, Mumbai for survey, research and implementing of village-appropriate alternative technology.

Watch Dr. Vijay's latest video on the problem of rural farmers in India.

In addition SNET partners with the Third Millennium Awakening 501c3 in the United States; the Om Gagangiri Maharaj Aashirvadit Trust in Maharastra, India.


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