Guest Services and Ayurveda

Fire Mountain Retreat Center

Fire Mountain Retreat & Ayurveda is tucked away in a natural landscape below Mount Mandagni and a short walk or rickshaw ride to the Nityananda Samadhi Temple in Ganeshpuri. Our guests appreciate Fire Mountain Retreat's tranquil and serene setting for deepening contemplation and partaking of the Ayurveda relaxation treatments available.

Guest Services and Ayurveda Therapies

SNET has trained dozens of local tribal residents in Guest Services and Ayurveda Services for its Fire Mountain Retreat facility. Many of our trainees are hired for several positions as the yearly work load changes with the seasons.  (see video)

Honoring Traditional Tribal Knowledge and Facilitating Income Generation

SNET is helping to preserve traditional knowledge of forest products that can be used various markets. SNET has also identified the local tribal elders who know the traditional music (see video) and has facilitated them teaching the younger generation .  SNET is identifying and analyzing which forest products can be given a contemporary revision to increase their attractiveness to the larger market of nearby Mumbai.


SNET recognizes that to break the cycle of poverty, adults must be educated & trained in many modalities that will allow them to be self sustaining. 

SNET is now partnering with Skills India to bring training classes to our area and job opportunities to the program graduates.

Skills India Graduate

Vasant Ravate - a recent graduate of the Skills India training class.



Cultivating Essential Oil Crops

SNET has launched a large pilot project to determine which locally cultivated essential oil crops will be the most profitable for our local farmers.  Under cultivation are:  citronella, vetiver, lemongrass, geranium and mogra (jasmine).

Video #1 of SNETs DISHA (mogra/jasmine) project

Video #2 of SNETs DISHA (morgra/jasmine) project

Video #3 of SNETs DISHA (morgra/jasmine) project

Green Erth Website

Motiram showing us the vetiver roots which we are growing hydroponically.

Since 2005

Shri Nityanand Education Trust (SNET)

is a Bombay Registered NGO working in the tribal area of Wada Taluka, Palgher District, Maharashtra.

Shri Nityanand Education Trust (SNET) is a tribal-focused organization which is on a mission to improve the lives of indigenous communities with locally driven solutions for human development so that everyone has the opportunity to reach their highest potential.

Creating a better Life for these communities means creation of infrastructure that enables them to lead a self-sustainable life without having to migrate. This includes skill development and training opportunities, providing support to grow year-round climate resilient crops and local micro entrepreneurial opportunities.


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