Ayurveda @ Fire Mountain

Fire Mountain Ayurveda

Come find spiritual peace and physical healing by detoxifying from modern life's stresses and the resultant accumulation of toxins.


Retreat Center

Fire Mountain Retreat

Fire Mountain Retreat is an intentional sanctuary that welcomes people from around the world.

Fire Mountain Retreat is situated in a natural landscape below Mount Mandagni, which means “eternal flame”.  Great spiritual masters have performed spiritual practices  in the surroundings of this sacred mountain for centuries.

The heart of Fire Mountain Retreat is the meditation hall — an elevated 36’ geodesic dome  — perfect for meditation, hatha yoga, fire ceremonies (yagnas) and other group activities.   The Retreat compound has lush landscaping and peaceful grounds to calm and nurture the soul and delivers healthy meals (organic whenever available from the FM organic garden) on the garden terrace. Boutique-style Guest House accommodations are modern and comfortable.  Guests appreciate returning again and again to Fire Mountain’s tranquil and serene setting for deepening contemplation. Please come and our team will support your:

  •  Meditation Retreat
  • Hatha Yoga practice
  •  Individual and Group Spiritual Practices
  • Homebase for your spiritual journeys in India